About Us

We are a carpet cleaning service provider that specializes in multiple cleaning tasks. Our carpet cleaning company takes pride in cleaning carpets and offer other cleaning specialized services for our customers place. We also offer our customers that have had flooding or water damage from fire a complete carpet restoration service. We have a variety of special tools and cleaners that our staff is professionally trained in the use and safety of all our equipment. We are providers of grout and tiling cleaning for your bathroom or kitchen areas. We are a multi versatile company that specializes in every aspect of home and office cleaning.

We pride ourselves on our courteous and trained staff that are able to work all the state of the art cleaners that we have in use. They are knowledgeable on all safety regulations of all cleaning agents we use and they are able to answer any questions you have about your carpets or the cleaning job itself. We provide carpet cleaning and steam cleaning and a variety of specialized cleaning services for our clients and customer’s needs. We are able to look at any room and tell you the best way to clean it and remove stains. We can also tell you the best cleaning tool to use with that specific job.

The services we offer give our customers the highest quality of work with a fast reliable highly proficient staff. We are a company that stands out as a leader in the carpet cleaning industry. Providing cleaning services to businesses and residents is the main focus of our service. Putting our customers first makes all the difference in the world for us and our customers.

Our motto is to give the best cleaning service to our customers fast and reliable. Our customers never have to worry about our cleaning job performance because we stand behind any work we do with our one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Giving our customers a sound piece of mind is what our company stands for.

We are the most reliable, fast and friendly, fully trained company that are experts in carpet cleaning and specialized cleaning tasks to give homes and offices that new move in look that keeps those places cleaned by professionals. We at Claris Carpet Cleaning Canberra are a company that will give our customers a complete cleaning that will make the room we do compare to a showroom of a model home for sale. Our service and our workmanship speak for itself.